Horsepower Financial Services and our Lifestyle Lease means getting the motorcycle that you really want without any long term loan obligations. Why Lease? Get the Harley that you really want. Look, for most of us we trade cost vs. affordability. Getting a Lifestyle Lease lets you get the previously owned Harley that You Want, not just what your wallet tells you. You get More Bike for Your Buck,

If you don’t Love it….. Leave it. The Horsepower Lifestyle Lease is only 36 months and you are only paying for the value of the bike that you use.If you Love it at any time …you can claim it as your own by purchasing the bike. If you don’t Love it, or you loved it but want a newer or different model, well then after 36 months……Leave it. You’re not tied to a long-term loan.

Miles don’t matter: The usual lease has a big penalty for riding over the miles allowed. NOT THE LIFESTYLE LEASE! Unlimited Miles…. Ride until it hurts! Or…. Just until you get where you are going. We want you to ride! You got the bike to ride it…. SO are you going to Daytona? Go ahead…we won’t say anything. We hear Sturgis calling you…. Or just I10 across the USA! Wherever you go…no need to look at the Odometer. (The Speedo is on you though….)

Love it, but not sure if you want to get married to it yet? After the first lease is completed, you can lease it again. Usually for less! And you enjoy the same options as before!

You know that you want to…. Come on…. Admit it. Now get some leather and boots and hit the road!

*The Bike depreciates for a defined amount each month while you lease it.

Things You Need To Know About
Motorcycle Loan And Lease

Motorcycle leases aren’t that common as opposed to buying them. If you know that you are going to have custom paint, bars, etc a purchase instead of a lease may be right for you. Oh sure you can customize your leased bike but you have to return the bike after the lease, unless you end up purchasing it, with all parts in good order.

It is sometimes difficult to finance a used bike with traditional financing. Leasing the bike allows you to pay for the time and value of the bike only.

Leasing: You are only paying for the time and value of the portion of the bike that you use. Leasing is paying less than the full retail price of the bike. You only pay the difference of what the bike is valued at today and what the value is at the end of the lease.**

Unlike a car lease, mileage limits and wear-and-tear penalties do not apply to lease a motorcycle but make sure to inquire about any and all lease restrictions. We promise a hassle-free motorcycle leasing process that streamlines automatic payments and no collateral requirements. We cater to customers belonging to any type of credit tiers and offer them fast approvals.

The big difference is that Horsepower Financial Services owns the bike during the lease. (And…. Let’s face it if you are making payments with traditional financing you don’t own it free and clear until it's paid off…. Sometimes up to 7 years).

Serving thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts with state-of-the-art Harley-Davidsons, we are proud to have earned the trust and loyalty of many.

** plus fees/taxes and the money factor

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