become adealer

dealer perks

  • Dot - IconSell More Bikes now. Our proprietary Decisioning and scoring platform is not just a FICO pull. We use FICO and alternative data to be able to say YES more often.
  • Dot - IconSell more accessories/upgrades. Add them to the lease, we got you, and your customer gets the bike they want.
  • Dot - IconOur fast, transparent and easy process ensures that there are no hidden costs and fees.
  • Dot - IconWe promise a hassle-free motorcycle leasing process that streamlines automatic payments for your customer and no collateral requirements.
  • Dot - IconWe cater to customers belonging to all credit tiers and offer them fast approvals.
  • Dot - Icon UNLIMITED MILES for the term of the lease. Period.
  • Dot - IconWhen the lease is over, you get the opportunity to sell the bike to the consumer or have them trade it for a different one. Repeat business is our business.
  • Dot - IconServing thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts with state-of-the-art Harley-Davidsons, we are proud to have earned the trust and loyalty of many.
  • Dot - IconReplace your inventory with End of Term bikes. We encourage the customer to return the bike to you at the end of the term. You can either have us come get it or buy the bike from us. It’s your choice!


To us, you are our client, our customer. You will be connected with a personal Account Executive. They will help you sell more, trade more, earn more. If you have an issue, it’s not the usual 1-800……Hold please. You connect right to your Account Executive.


Most Leasing/Finance firms sign every Motorcycle dealers they can even though that Motorcycle dealers may only use their product 1 or 2 times per month. They do add up, but that is NOT our strategy. We want to go deep with you. Be a part of how you do business every day. We want to understand your business and contribute to your success. We want you as part of our family. We call our dealers Horsepower Select Dealers. We don’t take all dealers, just the good ones. Being a Horsepower Select dealer assures your customers that we are partners.


If you would like to become a horsepower select motorcycle dealers, just let us know by emailing us @ or call 888-710-2061 and ask for the Horsepower Select Dept.