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The 36 month Lifestyle lease. Shorter term with options. Did you fall in love with your bike and want to skip the lease and just buy it after a short time, we can do that! Love your bike want a newer model? The Lifestyle Lease allows you to not be saddled with 4-7 years of borrowing obligation.



Decided to lease your desired bike and want to know the lease amount? Our lease calculator allows you to calculate your payments in a simplified way.

Join the Lifestyle with a Lifestyle Lease

Horsepower wants you to make your Harley dreams come true with our Lifestyle lease. Leasing your bike allows you to get More Bang For Your Buck! Get the bike you deserve with the accessories you want! We believe that nothing should stand in your way. Ride what you want. Your dealer will work with you to get the bike that fits your lifestyle and budget!

How to Join the Harley Party or keep
the dream alive!

Your Harley-Davidson dealer will assist you throughout the process. They will find the bike that fits you, is comfortable to ride, has the sound and power that you desire. A quick application is all we need to get started. We won’t burden you with a long term lease or purchase obligation. All of our leases are only 36 months. After that you decide: turn the bike in and walk away; trade the bike in and get another, admit you fell in love and buy the bike. Either way the choice is yours. You’ll know all the details before you ride out including how much the bike will cost to buy, if you choose to purchase it at the end of your lease. Of course, if you fall in love and want to purchase the bike before the lease is up, you can do that too.

Your Dealer is a Horsepower
Select Dealer

Your dealer and Horsepower have chosen each other. We commit to the finest riding experience that you can find. The right bike, for your Lifestyle, not ours. What you sit on and ride represents who you are. Be a rebel and not the crowd. Whether its Sunday touring or everyday riding, the most important thing is being you. Your Horsepower Select Dealer eagerly wants to help you express who you are!

Welcome To HorsePower Financial

Horsepower is a pioneering power sports lessor and dealer in Lebanon, OH since 2009. Over the years, we have been committed to solutions to spread smiles and keep the thrill of adventure alive. We are thankful to our loyal customers that have been our friends through the years and we are looking to make new friends interested in the Harley lifestyle. Our objective it to provide solutions. Our team along with your dealer is here to do that. If you want to explore more about motorcycle financing kindly go through our insights.

What if my credit isn’t perfect?

Let’s be honest. Most of us don’t have perfect credit our whole lives. Life happens. At Horsepower, we understand that. We offer leasing solutions for most. Let’s see if we can get you riding today.


Horsepower Financial provides access to the adventure lifestyle and fulfilled dreams of motorcycle riders without the burden of long-term loan obligations.


We will Lead the Revolution in Harley and other powersports adventure lifestyle access with easy to understand and use financial programs. We care for our customer and dealers and strive to exceed expectations by doing what’s right. We aim to be a little rebellious – not become too corporate and Never forget who we serve. We want to be in the thick of it right there with our clients and their customers. Flying our Brand Colors right next to the Flag we honor.

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