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4 Reasons You Need A BIke To Attend Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Looking for a motorcycle for Sturgis but don't want to break the bank? Leasing a pre-owned bike is a great option. At Horsepower Financial Services, we are a used-motorcycle dealer specializing in pre-owned motorcycle leasing. We offer 36-month leases, so you don't have to make a long-term commitment to any one bike. Instead, you lease a pre-owned motorcycle, save a bunch of money, and have the option to buy it if you love it or leave it if you don't.

Come See Horsepower Financial At The Crossroads In The World Famous Buffalo Chip

We are at the world Famous Buffalo Chip! Come see us at the Crossroads. We specialize in pre-owned Harley Davidson leases, look no further than Horsepower Financial Services. We offer 36-month leases on all of our bikes, so you can save money and have the flexibility to upgrade when you want. Contact us today to learn more about our leasing options.

Ride Your Bike Through The Black Hills

The Black Hills is known for Mount Rushmore, Deadword, Custer State Park to name a few. However, riders say that Needles Highway is a rider favorite! Needles Highway offers 38 miles of twisted turns, tunnels, and more. All with beautiful views of the Black Hills. You’ll see spruce trees, aspen trees, and granite formations that appear to be needles, hence the name, Needles Highway.


Brings In More Than 1/2 A Million Attendees

When you come into town you can feel the energy of the rumble from all the motorcycles. Sturgis is a town with a population of 7,000 people. This population increases to over 500,000 during rally time! This means the streets are packed with people and bikes. So why not show off your new bike? We are here to help you achieve the bike of your dreams!

Concerts - Some Of The Biggest Stars

Lastly, some of the biggest names in music make the annual trip to Sturgis. Buffalo Chip is known to have some of the best lineups in all of Sturgis and that’s a sweet deal for any rider that wants to check out Horsepower Financials at the Crossroads. You can rock out and during intermission, get set up to lease the bike of your dreams! Who is on the lineup this year that is a must see?