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Should I Get a Motorcycle on Lease?

If you are on the hunt for a new motorcycle, figuring out how to finance it can be difficult. Your financing path will depend on your preference for the usage of bikes. If you want a bike that you can alter or retain for a few years, purchasing may be the best option.However, if you decide to trade in your bike for a newer version after a year or two, and need a smaller monthly cost, leasing a bike can be your option. Motorcycle leases work in the same way that vehicle leases do. You will pay monthly for the rights to ride the motorbike of your choice over a long period.Motorcycle leases, on the other hand, are not as common as car leasing. Many of the dealerships you visit will not have a leasing program. For example, even within the Harley Davidson lease specials, leasing may be available in one location but not in another.Even if your credit history is not perfect, you might be able to get a motorcycle lease. However, a high-interest rate or a hefty down payment may be required as a trade-off. Leasing may not be the ideal option for everyone for these reasons.Join us to find out if a motorbike lease is suitable for you.

Pros of Motorbike Leasing

  • Reduced Monthly Payments:

    If you lease a road bike, your monthly costs will be lower than if you took out a bike loan. This is a significant advantage if you are not in a situation to make large financial decisions. In addition to reduced monthly installments, you will most likely have reduced upfront costs, as motorcycle lease dealers frequently waive down deposits.

  • Simple to Upgrade & Keep Up With:

    If owning the most recent model of a motorbike is important to you, a motorbike lease can be a fantastic alternative. Since it allows you to trade in your bike for a newer version. Furthermore, the dealership or organization from which you are leasing the motorcycle will be responsible for conducting basic maintenance on the bike. One less thing for you to worry about! In most situations, the only things you will have to spend on the bike are gas and the rental fee, as fees and charges are usually included in the rental price.

  • A Chance to “Test Before You Buy”:

    One of the most enticing aspects of any form of leasing is the ability to 'try before you buy.' It does not matter if have never owned a motorbike before or are not sure if you are ready to make the financial investment. A lease can allow you to enjoy the pleasure of riding a motorbike without the cost. If you end up liking it, you can always consider purchasing the motorbike later on from your motorbike lease dealer.

Cons of Motorcycle Leasing

  • Costs of Additional Insurance:

    When the lease is up, you have the option of returning the bike or purchasing it. Purchasing a motorcycle at the end of a lease term may not be the greatest decision. Your leasing firm may frequently increase the bike's buy-out price in order to recuperate expenses on the low monthly rental payments.

  • It May Not Meet All Your Requirements:

    It is doubtful that the motorbike you lease will fulfill all of your wants and requirements precisely. However, since you do not own the motorbike, you are not permitted to make any alterations or modifications. If making car modifications or tuning the engine is vital to you, a lease will generally not be the best solution.

  • You Will Not Be the Owner of the Motorcycle:

    If you eventually want to own a motorcycle, leasing may not be the ideal solution for you. You would be better off investing money you would be paying on a lease towards the repayments on a motorcycle loan instead.

Should I Finance a Motorbike?

Obtaining motorcycle financing might be a wonderful choice for riders who do not have sufficient cash in hand to purchase a bike. Other advantages of financing a motorcycle include a wider selection of cars, and tax breaks (if purchased for business purposes). Moreover, this has the potential to use your loan to boost your credit score.

What Financial Possibilities Are Available?

If a motorbike lease does not seem like the ideal option for you and you would rather buy your personal bike, there are a variety of financing options available.

  • Purchasing it outright.

    This may not be a possibility for many motorcyclists. However, if you have sufficient cash in hand, this is the simplest way to acquire a motorcycle. It will also be the least expensive long-term solution.

  • Motorcycle loan with security.

    Automobile loans are one of our most common lending options, and they entail making regular repayments to a lender plus interest. Secured motorbike loans use your motorcycle as security against the loan, allowing you to obtain a cheaper interest rate.

  • Motorcycle loan without collateral.

    These are comparable to secured loans, but because your motorbike is not utilized as security, the interest rate will be slightly higher. This form of loan is often reserved for older and used motorcycles.

  • A credit card:

    This is a good alternative if the bike you want is relatively cheap (and within your credit card limit), as it may be disqualified for a loan from many lenders.


Buying VS Leasing a Motorbike

If you are debating whether to buy or lease, it is a good idea to ask yourself a few key questions.

  • Do you want a fresh new or used motorcycle?
  • How much money are you ready to spend overall? What amount of money are you able to set aside each month for payments?
  • How often do you intend to ride the bike?
  • How much experience do you have riding/owning a motorcycle?
  • What kind of motorbike are you searching for? Furthermore, what are you going to do with it?
  • Do you wish to acquire a motorcycle someday?


Leasing a motorcycle is usually less expensive than buying one. A new Harley Davidson Fat Bob, for example, costs $19,500 or $372 each month. When insurance and upkeep are factored in, the monthly cost might approach $500. Leasing a road bike is far less expensive, with daily rates ranging from $100 to $125.You can also now lease a Harley Davidson motorcycle through Harley Davidson lease specials.

Riding Style

Motorcycle rental alternatives can be limited. Many do not have sleds or scooters, and none enables off-road riding. Consider purchasing if you enjoy riding dirt bikes or need to take your off-road bike on an off-road excursion.However, if you are going to be on two wheels and on the road, there are often different options available with your motorbike leasing company. Feel free to choose from the lot that fits right with your riding style!


Do you yearn for variety? And drool at motorbike events and fantasize about the day when you will be able to afford the newest technology? Do you travel regularly and constantly wish you had "that bike"? If this is the case, renting is most likely the best alternative.Some riders have the advantage of having more space and earning more money. These riders can finance to have two bikes: a café racer for commuting and a touring bike for extended rides. An off-road adventure trip and even a track bike to sharpen their skills. If you have the means, go ahead and buy another bike, or two, or three.Furthermore, if you enjoy wrenching, practicing new stunts, or modifying your prized possession so it looks unique, then go to your dealership and get a bike. Rentals will not provide you with what you require to meet your lifestyle requirements.

To Sum it Up

When you lease a bike, you usually do not have to make a down payment. Your monthly payments will be lower as well, and the majority of repairs will be reimbursed by your guarantee. Leasing also allows you to exchange your motorcycle for a different model when the lease period expires. The disadvantages of leasing include early mileage fees if you exceed the specified limit, greater insurance expenses, and no chance to customize the bike. To determine which choice is best for you, you must first examine your financial circumstances. In any case, you must properly ensure and care for your motorbike while it is in your custody.