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Is Leasing Or Buying Motorcycles Right For You?

The decision to buy a motorcycle can be challenging because of the market’s choices and the variability of prices. But if one is unsure of what choice to make, leasing options are available that can make it easier to own a motorcycle and have it changed at a later date. One can also buy a motorcycle, but that is a more permanent decision and cannot be taken back in case of buyer’s remorse.

So, to help you make that choice, we have listed the perks and limitations of both options.

Buying A Motorcycle

Motorcycles have significantly simplified our daily lives. The route is shortened, and you save much of your precious time when you have a bike. Therefore, owning a motorcycle is fundamental because it has made traveling much easier.

Bike models launch much more frequently in comparison to cars. It is why buyers often have thousands of options to choose from.

Advantages Of Purchasing A Motorcycle

Purchasing a new motorcycle comes with a lot of benefits. Some of them are listed below:

Legal Ownership Of The Bike

When you buy a motorcycle, the biggest perk that you get is its legal ownership. Once you are handed the keys, the bike will be yours, and you can do anything with it. It will then be under your authority unless you sell it.

It is one of the biggest perks that is quite underrated. People don’t realize how essential it is to have the legal authority of a bike unless they go through some disturbances with the rented ones.

Choose From Any Model

With this option, you can select any model you want, whether the latest and newly launched model or an old one. When you go with the option of purchasing a new motorcycle, the possibilities don’t bind you.

You can swim into the pool of possibilities and decide the one that fits your needs. In fact, you can even get any premium version or vintage model without any kind of hassle.

No Restriction Limit

Once you have a bike of your own, there is not any mileage limit. So you can drive it anywhere without worrying about anything. However, one thing that would be your problem: the petrol.

Other than that, there is no restriction, and you can utilize the features of your bike in any way you want.


Another advantageous point is the optimization of the bike. Sometimes, we get bored of the old features or the bike’s color and want to change it. Luckily, when it is your own bike, you don’t have to think twice, and you can do all kinds of modifications with it.

Whether you want to change the seat, or get funky with accessories or paints, even if you want to upgrade the engine, you can do it all with your own bike.

Sell Whenever You Want

With every passing hour, the technology around us is evolving, and so are the needs. So, with the passage of time, when new models are launched, it must make you thrive for a new bike. To get your hands wrapped around a new one, you have to let go of your old model. And luckily, you can easily do it if the motorcycle belongs to you.

You can sell your two-wheeler whenever you want and to whoever you want. There is no obligation or restriction to it when the bike papers belong to you.


Disadvantages Of Purchasing A Motorcycle

Advantages and disadvantages go hand in hand with each other. Hence, in the same way, as it is very beneficial to get a bike of your own, there are certain disadvantages to it as well. Some of them are listed below:

Pretty Costly

In such a competitive era, where everything has gotten so expensive, sustaining a good has become pretty hard living. So, these days, everyone is going for affordable alternatives. Unfortunately, however, purchasing your bike is not very cheap.

Getting your bike is quite expensive, as it will be a new model and you have to pay all the amount simultaneously. There would be minimal or no negotiation, which is one of its major disadvantages.

Lesser Resale Value

When you go to the market to sell your bike again, you won’t get the same price as what you have paid. Once you think of selling it, the amount you will get will be nowhere close to what you have spent on it.

It is one of the biggest buzz kills that people face with their own vehicles. They pay a hefty amount for the bikes they love; even after a week of purchase, their value goes down. Hence, the resale value is a significant disadvantage.

Extra Expenditure

Owning a bike has another disadvantage, and that is the expenditure. As you own the bike, all of the repairs and small fixes must be done by you. No matter if those are small or on a big scale, it is your job to take care of and get done with.

Insurance And Tax

When you have the legal authority of a bike, everything associated with it is your concern. In the same way, the insurance and tax must be paid by you only. Whatever amount that is allotted with the insurance and tax, it is something that needs to be catered to by you.

Leasing A Motorcycle

Leasing a motorcycle has made getting a bike easier for those who can’t afford it. Not only is it a feasible method, but it is also quite easy.

Advantages Of Leasing A Motorcycle

Motorcycle leasing has enfolded numerous advantages and perks which people benefit from daily. Some of those solid advantages are stated below:

Get Any Model

The main advantage of renting a motorcycle is that you can test various bikes before selecting the one you want. It would provide an opportunity to get the newest or perhaps most expensive motorcycle models at cheaper rates.

Simple Plans

You can choose a motorcycle lease plan based on your needs and wants. You would visit the local motorbike leasing business and request the desired bike. Then, based on your parameters, they will offer you several financing possibilities. You can easily select the option that seems the most viable to you according to your needs.

Cost Effective

However, renting a motorcycle might be a very cost-effective choice. With motorcycle leasing, you don’t have to worry about your money or savings to get a fancy bike. Therefore, it is a relatively simple choice that is pretty affordable.

Tax And Insurance Are Not Your Problems

You wouldn’t have to worry about taxes or insurance because it would already be taken care of. The only thing required of you is to enjoy the ride and maintain the bike in the same condition you received it in.

Disadvantages Of Leasing A Bike

As beneficial it is to least a bike, there are some limitations to it as well.

The Bike Is Not Yours

No matter how fancy the bike is and how pleasurable the ride it provides, in the end, you won’t be called the legal owner of this bike. Instead, after a specific duration, you would be asked to return it, and you would have no choice but to give it back.

Time Duration

With every leasing deal, there is a time duration specified. Hence, you need to pay for that duration as per the contract and can not return the vehicle before that. So, it is a barrier for people who think of going for a newer model.

Mileage Limit

There is no such mileage limit, but once you lease a bike, you can not take it to another district. You can easily roam around on a leased motorbike in your area, but going somewhere far is out of the option with leasing.


You can customize your leased bike in any way you want, but when you return them, they must be returned in the same condition. So not even a single tweak would be accepted when it comes to leasing.

Is Leasing A Motorcycle Worth It?

There is no doubt about the fact that motorcycle leasing has some limitations attained to it. But in the long haul, it is totally worth it to lease the bike of your dreams. It is a decision you won’t regret and would prove to be productive and beneficial for you in many ways.

Final Word

Leasing has made it easier for the guys who couldn’t live their dream of driving a fancy bike. With the help of this motorcycle leasing facility, anyone can get any model and speed around their area. In the same way, if you want to lease a fancy bike, visit Horsepower; they are the best in business.