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How To Maintain Your Bike In A Minimum Budget

Bikes are your ready-to-go travel partner. They can take you from one place to another in a few minutes. So, your travel partners must be given special attention to keep it running in the best condition. However, it can be challenging for some people to purchase a car, so they prefer getting a motorcycle on lease or even buying it outright as it is cheaper. That is why it is even more essential for them to keep their motorcycle in good condition.Proper bike maintenance requires regular inspection of tires, engine, seats, and the overall working capacity of the bike. It can be costly to keep a bike if proper care and due diligence are not done. If you take these actions, then maintaining your motorbike bit by bit on your own can save you from costly repairs. Here are ten things that you can do to help you maintain your bike:

Inspect Your Tires

Tires are the most important element to keep your motorcycle going. As the tire grows old, it starts to develop cracks and holes. Also, the groves of the tires fade away, and this can be dangerous as the tires will no longer provide proper traction. It increases the likelihood of an accident. Also, it is important to measure tire pressure. Low tire pressure can end up puncturing the tire, affecting the working of your bike.

Go For Oil Replacement

Replacing engine oil is necessary to keep the engine running smoothly. It helps in keeping the engine lubricated. It is an easy task, and you can easily change the oil on your own. It will save you money as well. Begin with removing the drain plug and oil fill plug. It will make way for the oil to escape into the drain pan. Later, remove the filter. Cover the engine with aluminum foil to avoid a messy process. After cleaning the drain, install a new filter. Attach all the parts you removed for oil removal. Refill the oil, and your bike is good to go.

Keep The Engine Working

The engine is the heart of your bike. A vehicle is nothing without an engine. The best way to reduce your petrol bills is to regularly maintain and service your engine. Keeping the carburetors clean can save you from last-minute issues. Every time you return from a trip, ensure to clean the carburetor and spark plug. A spark plug is the most important part of proper engine combustion. It also helps keeps the engine in the best working position.


Bike Chain

Most of the time, the bike owners clean the entire bike perfectly, but they neglect the chain. As the chain starts to wear out, the rings begin stretching unevenly. It is important to clean the chain so that your bike is smooth to ride. Use a thin brush to clean the bike chain and remove the dirt from the bike chain. Once you are done cleaning, use a chain lubricant on the bike chain. Ensure to evenly coat the bike chain for better results.

Clean The Air Filter

Air filters can clog up after regular use. It is better to clean the air filter regularly. If it is not done, it prevents the air from passing through, which results in decreasing the performance of your bike. The air filter is easy to access, and you can easily remove it to clean. You can also replace the filter with the new one if the air filter is too clogged or damaged.

Change Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are one of those components that get the least amount of attention. Most bike owners tend to ignore the working of spark plugs. Spark plugs are one of the most important parts of your bike, as, without them, the fuel will not ignite and provide power within the engine. It is important to regularly change the spark plugs to keep the bike in perfect working condition. However, forgetting to change the plugs can lead to serious trouble in your bike's performance.

Battery Maintenance

There are several reasons why a bike will not working properly. One of them is the condition of a bike's battery. It is recommended to check the battery every month and change it every two years, depending on the quality of the battery. Keeping a closer eye on the fluid and electrolytic level of the battery can save your bike from breaking down in the middle of the road. Clean the grime and dirt accumulated on the battery's contact points to ensure proper current is supplied during the ignition. Maintaining your battery is important, even if you don't use your bike as regularly.

Wash Your Bike

Keeping the bike's internal structure clean and the outer part dirty is not a great combination. Washing your bike weekly can help you keep the bike clean and dirt-free. However, to keep it as good as new, it is recommended to paint the bike monthly or every two months.

Replace Coolants

The bike must maintain a certain operating temperature irrespective of the season. Coolants in the bike help maintain the bike temperature, especially during summers. Changing the coolant is not a challenging job. It takes around 30 minutes of your time. When the engine is cool, you are recommended to remove the filler's cap and check the radiator coolant level. The use of coolant varies from bike to bike. If the coolant level is low, it overheats the bike, causing serious damage to the engine. It also affects the overall performance of the bike.

Check Brakes

Brakes are an essential part of a bike. Anything going wrong with the brakes can become a matter of life and death for the biker. Extensive use of brake can damage the brake pads. It is important to check the brake pads regularly. Replace them immediately if you see the brake pads being worn off.


Bike maintenance can be costly if you ignore smaller repairs and regular maintenance. Maintaining a bike alone is the best way to reduce extensive bike repair bills. Things like cleaning the bike's exterior, cleaning the carburetor, keeping the exhaust and chain, and changing engine oil can help keep your bike as good as new without affecting your budget.